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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello Once Again (Or Once Upon a Time)


Hello Victorian and movie / TV history lovers!

I'm going to start this blog up for the semester, and I'd like to switch from movies to TV for a second in order to target discuss Once Upon a Time. Or, Once Upon A Cliched and Yet Addicting TV Show That Totally Doesn't Belong Here Because The Historical Context is Completely Bastardized (AKA, Not Really Meant to Be Historical.) If you've never seen it before, it's about a town of misplaced fairy tale characters trapped in our dimension due to a book-related spell of some sort, and the show splits its time between showing the characters in the "Real World" and the Fairy Tale World.

I have tried and tried again to figure out why I enjoy this show so much, despite its predictable plot and cliched script (Not to spoil a scene for anyone, but I know a typewriter box when I see it) and I have my narrowed down irrational fondness into a list.

1. I love fairy tales. Especially when we get to see their stars in faux-historical outfits. I will apparently watch a whole show just because of this.

"Even my eyebrows are awesome. Look at them."
2. *sparkle* Robert Carlyle *sparkle* is acting Gold to me (and he plays Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin in Once Upon a Time.) If you've read my review of Plunkett & Macleane, that mashup of 1999 and the 1700s, you know that I give him major props for his acting skills (and for existing in a cloud of Baddassness.) Similar to the fairy tale theme, I will watch him in anything.

3. I am a fan of Elvira, Buffy, Xena, and Showgirls, so I like movies or tv shows with a B movie feel, whether it was on purpose or not. So, do your thing, Rumplestiltskin! Rock those red contacts and that reptilian skin!

You can watch the first season on Hulu:

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